Jenison In The News

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Showcase Turns Spotlight On Jenison Student Accomplishments

Classic Cole Porter Featured in Jenison Stage Production

Jenison Musicians Perform With Elite Group

Bad Student, Great Teacher: A Teaching Success Story

Jenison Teachers Experience Poverty Simulation

Jenison Breaking Ground on New Fine Arts Center

2 comments on “Jenison In The News

  1. Yeah, your attempt to teach Islam hit the alternative press like a brick. I’m one of the watchdogs, we pick up our leads from stories like yours. May I make a suggestion? Why don’t you show your students the videos of the beheadings of British and American journalists, maybe they might want to “change the world” and make a mistake of going to a foreign country without knowing that they’re going to get beheaded. What you’re doing already has a name in Britain. It’s called “Trojan Horse”. Islamics took over the schools in Birmingham and started converting the kids -this sent a red flag to the British Schools – I have another idea, you live in the United States, the children are Americans – why don’t you teach them math, science, art, music, and American History. What a bunch of idiots. I am so glad that I never got a teaching credential. I would have to spend my life with idiots.

    • Hey Lou, I totally agree with you. I am so furious concerning this school pushing islam on their students that if I had a student at this school I would pull them out immediately! The principal Brandon Graham should be fired on Monday for allowing this absurdity to occur in his school. The saddest part of all is that he is actaully attempting to defend it and say it didn’t happen. Really? For all those who live in Jenision you need to start an uprising like never seen in Michigan to get this guy fired yesterday!

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