Bauerwood hosts ‘Donuts with Dads’

It’s definitely a sweet time of year when the air turns crisp and we get to enjoy a few remnants of the summer sun. After the back-to-school dust has somewhat settled, fall brings with it many special opportunities to savor the important people in our lives. I just love seeing our elementary schools encourage these special connections by hosting events like “Donuts with Dads”.

Recently, the Bauerwood students and their special father figures were served a simple donut, juice and Biggby coffee breakfast before the start of the school day. Even if it ended there as just a fun thing to do, that would be fine, but there’s more to it. It may not be a huge amount of time but the students clearly appreciate the opportunity for a few quality minutes with their breakfast buddy. They are often seen beaming with pride as they walk into school hand in hand. They love sharing their daily world with someone who loves them and is proud of them. We also see this encouraging connections between more parents and with the school as well.

We’re so appreciative, on behalf of our students, that our gyms get filled when parents have the opportunity to show up for their kids. That’s amazing and that’s just the sort of village we have in Jenison. This year, Bauerwood had another great turnout and fellow dads served over 480 people!

Enjoy these sweet moments and be on the lookout for ways you can brighten someone’s day with a little bit of quality time… and maybe a donut!





Pinewood Sponsors “Donuts with Dads”

Jenison Public Schools, Pinewood Elementary

Donuts from Jenison Donuts

Last Friday morning, the Pinewood gym buzzed with the kind of excitement that only comes when dads give two thumbs up to sugar in the morning.

Because at 8 a.m., dads and sons and dads and daughters filed into school, ready for a little extra time together before classes began. With twenty-two dozen donuts ordered and over 275 RSVP’s, Amy Perrien, coordinator of the event, prepared herself for another year of smiles and laughter.

“Donuts with Dads is a great time to hang out with your child and enjoy the fall — and it’s the right time of year for donuts. We love providing the opportunity to do something fun with your child at school!” Amy said.

Aside from offering breakfast and setting the stage for extra time together, Amy created table tents containing conversation starters — not only for dads and children, but as an opportunity for dads to meet other dads. The air was filled with voices asking and answering these questions:

  • What do you worry about the most?
  • Donuts or bagels?
  • If you were invisible where would you go and what would you do?
  • Michigan or MSU?
  • How ‘bout those Lions?

With full bellies, packed tables and lots to discuss, it was obvious that the event was a hit. As dads settled in with coffee donated by Bigby of Jenison, we heard comments like:

  • “It’s great to have more time to hang out with your kids.”
  • “What I like is seeing your kids’ friends. It’s good to get to know them, too.”
  • “It seems like it’s the moms who usually get to do everything. This is a good opportunity for dads. We appreciate it.”
  • “I love having the one on one time with my daughter.”
  • “It’s a good opportunity to see the morning routine and see how stuff is done at school outside of conferences. It keeps me involved.”

Jenison Public School, Pinewood ElementaryAs for the kids, they were all smiles. In between slurps of apple juice and gobbles of donuts, they said things like:

  • “I’m so excited for free donuts!”
  • “I like to eat donuts with my dad because we usually don’t eat a lot of donuts. This is special.”
  • “The best part of today is that I get to spend time with my dad!”

With family members snuggled close, we knew that the donuts weren’t the only sweet thing in the gym that day. Sweeter yet were the relationships being strengthened by the simple act of sharing breakfast.

Jenison Public School, Pinewood Elementary

Jenison Public School, Pinewood Elementary

Jenison Public School, Pinewood Elementary

Jenison Public School, Pinewood Elementary