Jenison Supports Hand2Hand

Jenison Junior and Senior Highs are pleased to kick off their fall fundraiser to benefit “Hand2Hand”, a local non-profit organization that partners with schools and churches to provide food for qualifying families.

An outgrowth of Fair Haven Ministries, Hand2Hand works with schools to identify students whose families are not able to provide regular, healthy eating over the weekend when school lunch programs are not available. Students are given the opportunity to confidentially sign up to receive a backpack of food intended to last throughout the weekend. Those backpacks are distributed discretely by the school principal while students are in class. Many of our own Jenison students already benefit from this program!

Hand2Hand’s website shares testimonies from anonymous teachers and students that highlight the impact of this simple, yet life-changing, idea:

“I heard some commotion outside of my room so I looked outside my classroom and saw a 1st grader holding his bag of food up, shouting, ‘It’s a miracle!’ He then proceeded to show all of his friends the food he received for the weekend.”  – teacher [source]


If stories like this touch your heart and you’d like to help us kickstart our involvement with Hand2Hand, we invite you to join us at this Friday’s football game where you will have the opportunity to donate to this worthy cause. 

We hope you’ll ‘join hands’ with us so that more of our students can look forward to a weekend of healthy eating. Your concern can literally impact the well-being of a child in our district!

Reflections on Christmas

With Jenison students now on vacation and Christmas Day drawing closer, I’ve had some quiet moments to ponder how fortunate we were to have had the carpet rolled out, if you will, in preparation for this holiday.

The past two weeks have been packed with wonderful concerts at every level, starting at our elementary schools and being topped off at the high school. Each time I have the privilege of hearing our vocalists, choirs, bands, and orchestras, I am reminded of the high standards of our programs and the quality and dedication of our fine instructors.

These concerts also fill me with gratitude. We are entirely thankful to you, the community, for passing a bond that will one day allow our young musicians to perform at home rather than at an off-campus venue. While we have been blessed to have held our Christmas concerts at Fair Haven Ministries over the years, we look forward to a day when we will have a Performing Arts Center of our own.

…And that truly deserves an “Hallelujah”!