Kindergarten Screening Information

Now is the time to get your young student started on the path to success in our highly esteemed school district! Jenison Public Schools Kindergarten screening will take place next week, February 3-7, 2020. This year, the process is kicking off a little earlier than in the past, in order to help families make plans and have the peace of mind they desire.

If your child will be 5 years old by December 1, 2020 and you are considering Jenison Public Schools, please complete the online pre-registration form and schedule a screening appointment as soon as possible. All children entering Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten must complete this process.


Jenison Public Schools offers full day Transitional Kindergarten and full day Kindergarten, as well as Spanish Immersion Kindergarten programs for children who will be five years old on or before December 1, 2020. 

We believe that all students can learn, through a variety of instructional strategies and supports that meet the needs of each and every student. A creative, nurturing staff delivers a developmentally appropriate, yet challenging, curriculum that makes the Kindergarten experience a powerful foundation for your child’s education.


Each child is unique and their date of birth doesn’t tell the whole story. The purpose of a kindergarten screening is to ensure a child is developmentally ready to start kindergarten and to determine whether any additional classroom supports may be needed. In general, each potential student will be evaluated on a range of tasks including self-care skills, language development, cognitive skills, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills.


The ability to personalize curriculum to be able to meet the needs of students, while addressing the required state standards is a guiding principle for all our staff. 

All Kindergarten programs are available to children who reside in Jenison as well as the surrounding area. Through the Schools of Choice program, Jenison Public Schools accepts students residing in Ottawa, Kent, Allegan, and Muskegon counties without the necessity of a release from the district of residence.

We’re looking forward to meeting the next generation of Wildcats!


If your child will be 5 years old by December 1, 2020 and you are considering Jenison Public Schools, please complete the online pre-registration form and schedule a screening appointment as soon as possible. All children entering Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten must complete this process.

For further questions, please contact Lorri Gierman.


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Jenison Public Schools is an award winning district!



ABC’s of Life

Rosewood 4th graders Ben, Adelynn, Jaxson and Jocelyn surely have mastered the alphabet over the years. This year, they are being challenged to look at the ABC’s through a different lens.

Drawing inspiration from a piece of art hanging in his office, Rosewood Principal, Luke Ver Beek began a weekly school wide challenge. Beginning with morning announcements, he introduces a theme and encourages students and staff to embrace the alphabet in a new way.



Jocelyn Brown

Jocelyn Brown was a member of the elementary cast of the recent high school musical, Mary Poppins. When the class was working on the theme “eXpress your gratitude”, she knew she wanted to write a letter of appreciation to her high school theatre mentor. “It makes you feel good because you know they will be happy when they receive your letter. I feel like this makes us more bonded. Of course, my teacher made me do it but when I started writing, I couldn’t stop and I didn’t have enough room!”

Jocelyn also remembered having good conversations with her mom during the “Forgive” theme week and they enjoyed dinner out and rollerblading for an “Unplugged” evening.


Jaxson McBride and Ben Osterink agree that “Build” was the best week!

Jaxson Mc Bride loves to make stuff and draw. He really liked that he had an ‘assignment’ to play with his legos. “Sometimes I get busy, it was fun to be reminded of how much I love my legos. I also liked the “Try Something New Challenge”. I want to make plans to be outside more.” Ben Osterink likes to build forts and play legos. He even let his sister help him build a big lego house.


Adelynn Brown

Adelynn Brown took the “Unplugged” challenge seriously and decided to spend time outdoors instead of watching television after school. “Sometimes watching too much TV can give you a headache so I’m glad I’m outside playing basketball more now. I play basketball on recess too so I’m glad I feel like I’m getting better. Sometimes my mom parks in the way of the basketball hoop so I climb our tree instead which is also fun.”

Other staff and student favorite themes over the year include:

V=Vote… Rosewood has two fish who call the library home. The kids really enjoyed voting on the fish names. There was also a good life lesson in the fact, that just because they liked one name, didn’t mean the majority did.

T=Try something new… Mr. Ver Beek did the announcements via video for the week. Teachers noticed students talking to their friends throughout the week about new foods, new activities, new games, even new friendships.

S=Stretch… Teachers and students were challenged to try yoga and mindfulness.

As the year is winding down, the Rosewood Wildcats have completed their alphabet challenge and are revisiting two letters per week. The staff and students have really enjoyed the ABC’s of Life project. I love that some weeks they were trying something new and other weeks they revisited some very good old fashioned basics. Thank you Mr. Ver Beek and Rosewood teachers for offering our students a well rounded study of the alphabet!

Mr. Ver Beek eXpresses gratitude for teachers and staff with sweets and treats!


ABC’s of Life by Little Truths Studio


Sandy Hill 6th Graders Prepare for Camp Pendalouan

With fall solidly underway, Sandy Hill’s sixth graders are looking forward to strengthening friendships, learning survival skills, and enjoying the crisp morning air outside their cabins at Muskegon’s Camp Pendalouan.

For some, this experience will be their first “roughing it” in rustic cabins and spending most of the day outside. For others, the time away will be a fun respite from books and homework. But for others, going to camp will be more than that. For some, going to camp provides a unique opportunity to fit in and become part of the Jenison family.

Calista Busscher, Jenison Public Schools, Jenison Junior High, Sandy Hill, Camp PendalouanCalista Busscher was a sixth grade student last year who had just transitioned to Jenison Public Schools from another district. Having already moved once as a young girl from Tennessee, Calista knew how difficult changing schools could be.

Yet the prospect of going to camp was a bright spot in Calista’s semester. She knew that that her days would be filled with new adventures and that camp would provide the opportunity to get to know teachers better and discover more about herself.

Now a seventh grader, Calista looks back on her sixth grade Camp Pendalouan experience as a turning point in her year. She recalls the team building games that helped her form new friendships and gushes over the welcoming, positive environment which envelopes the camp.

Calista counts the encouragement she received as one of the highlights that will stay with her forever, and says that the conversations she had away from school added depth and meaning to her relationships.

“It was a blast!” She exclaimed.

If your Sandy Hill student is preparing for his or her trip, information can be found HERE.

Remember to check the packing list and read through all details carefully. Additionally, all camp fees are due next Friday, October 26.

Sandy Hill sixth graders, led by camp directors Jon Mroz and Angela Cullin, will depart for their adventure on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6  and will return FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9. Parents, you’re able to pick your camper up from school that Friday at approximately 12:30 pm.

We send them out with our wishes for a wonderful experience!