Collaborative Learning for Jenison Teachers is a Win!

This year, an exciting new professional development initiative has been introduced to Jenison teachers:  Learning Labs!

(l,r) Kristy Rogalla and coaches Michelle U’ren, Janet Schultz, Eileen Maday, and Lisa Douglass

According to Kristy Rogalla, Curriculum Director at JPS, a Learning Lab is “An opportunity to share effective teaching strategies and learn from our ‘quietly amazing’ colleagues in a non-evaluative, authentic setting.”  The district has trained four classroom teachers as coaches whose “goal is to train department chairs [junior high and high school] and team leaders [elementary] to become learning lab facilitators. We provide resources and support to staff members participating in the process”, adds coach Michelle U’Ren.

While Learning Labs are new to JPS, they are not specific to Jenison. Districts throughout Ottawa and Kent County are using learning labs as a professional development opportunity for teachers to grow and collaborate.  Jenison has worked with other districts around West Michigan to develop this model of professional development which encourages teachers to collaborate in authentic and meaningful ways.

As teachers and coaches work together in this setting, there are four steps to the collaborative process.  

  • Step 1 asks teachers to think about the following questions:
    • What are the learning targets of the lesson?  What do you want students to know and be able to do? How does this lesson support your school improvement goals?  What other teaching and learning prepared students for this lesson?  What instructional strategies will you use in your lesson today?  What activities will you use to engage students?
  • Step 2 is the Pre-Brief stage for discussing the purpose of the lesson.
  • Step 3 is a classroom visit by the coach during the lesson.
  • And Step 4 is the Debrief.

A TK, or Transitional Kindergarten, classroom is pictured above. Coach Janet Schultz hosted TK, K, and specials teachers, with learning around morning meetings.

“Last year, a team of writing teachers worked together over the course of the school year to create a  stronger continuum of writing instruction across grade-levels. Learning Labs were used in our new teacher training process and to build a better understanding of how to effectively use innovative technology in classrooms. As teachers implement Common Core Math, learning labs have been used to model best instructional practices.”

Ms U’Ren and her fellow coaches add that the benefits to teachers working collaboratively in this way are many:

  • It provides the recognition that teachers within our organization are our best resource
  • Learning Labs encourage a culture of collaboration
  • They create an effective continuum of curriculum and instruction throughout grade-levels
  • Best Practices are extended [instructional strategies, technology use, assessment preparation, etc.] within a course, between grade-levels, and across buildings
  • They allow for choice in professional development
  • Learning Labs provide the opportunity to reflect on and discuss the process of teaching and learning

Coach Lisa Douglass hosted teachers across the district with math and science backgrounds. This picture is showing how she uses learning targets and student monitored progress.

Coach Janet Schultz believes in the value of learning together and adds, “Teacher collaboration is important because it allows teachers to have thoughtful and meaningful dialogue about their chosen profession, stay engaged with new learning concepts, and get excited about their own learning and that of their students.

The dialogue, the authentic setting, and the thoughtful process involved in Learning Labs makes it a one of kind collaborative professional development opportunity for teachers in our district. Learning and sharing great strategies within a lesson and classroom environment provides opportunities to teachers that we can’t get from other professional development training.”

We are looking forward to the many ways that Learning Labs will continue to grow, challenge and encourage our teachers, which, in turn benefits our students. Thank you to all of the coaches and teachers for seeing the value in collaboration!

JPS Teachers Invest in Technology

With an “app” for just about anything, Jenison teachers are learning that the best “app” for this upcoming school year is spending the day intensively training for a new year with new technology.

To do that, we welcomed Mr. Andy Losik, Apple Distinguished Educator and 2009 Michigan Tech-Educator of the Year, to kick off our professional development yesterday. His keynote challenged teachers to consider the many varied ways that technology can hook, engage, and keep kids focused on exploring and learning. With the early morning charge still echoing in the hallways, teachers left with purpose and embarked on the next frontier: a full day of pull-out seminars with literally dozens of topics from which to choose.

Learning opportunities during the pull-outs were staffed almost exclusively by Jenison teachers instructing their colleagues. They included: Creating Presentations on Your iPad, Student Presentations with Pizzazz, Creating Student ePubs, Blogging Made Simple, I Love My Document Camera, Screencasting Tools to Benefit Students, and many more!

All of this work comes on the heels of the district expanding its technological reach with the purchase of several hundred iPads for teachers and staff. Funds from the recently passed Bond Issue made the expansion possible, and teachers are thrilled to incorporate powerful tools into their teaching.

“We recognize that for most of our students, technology like smart phones and iPads are part of everyday life. Now, instead of separating kids from their devices when they walk through the doors, we’re empowering teachers to embrace technology and use it to their advantage,” said Dr. Brandon Graham, principal of Jenison High School.

We salute our amazing teachers for modeling what it looks like to be lifelong, eager learners. The students of Jenison Public Schools will be richly rewarded by your hard work and willingness to learn!